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Are you a Radio Station and have SMS competitions?

Contact us using the form below for more information, or go to, register to get a User Id and then purchase your preferred subscription plan. Once you do that, you will be able to enter your own SMS competitions which will be immediately distributed to all users of the iWinSMS app! Increase your SMS competition market, by using the ONLY iPhone app that can do that for you!

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Welcome to the vorkApps website.


We are developing innovative applications and games for mobile devices.

Our first application is for the iPhone device and it's called "i-WinSMS".

iWinSMS is now free to download on the app store. Click on link below to download it!

iWinSMS was conceptualised when we realised that a lot of SMS Competitions do not get the attention they deserve because simply not enough people are listening to the broadcasting stations that run these competitions. 

Entering into these competitions is often too complex due to the spelling and number of data the user needs to "type" on his mobile phone in order to successfully submit his/her entry into the ballot. 

All this is about to change with iWinSMS. 

Simply enter your information once in the "Settings" page, and just browse through the available competitions. 

Find one that you like, if it has a question supply your selected answer and hit "submit". The SMS will be automatically generated in the correct way, and you just need to press "SEND" in the iPhone's messaging application. 

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to press "SEND" in the SMS app. We cannot automatically send the message due to restrictions imposed by Apple. 

This application is simply enabling you to have quick and accurate access to all competitions ran by their respective organisers. 
Apple Inc., and Christos Vorkas are not in any way affiliated nor do they endorse, sponsor or support these competitions. 
The Official Competition Rules are the responsibility of and are defined by each organiser for the specific competition. Please contact each organiser to obtain a copy of these rules. 
By using this application you declare that you understand and acknowledge the above and that you agree that Apple Inc, and Christos Vorkas are not to be held liable for any damages, incurred expenses or any other form of liability.

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